for macOS

ChatGPT client that offers superior capabilities, cost optimization and native macOS experience


No Message Cap
SUPgpt leverages your API key for direct access to the OpenAI API, removing the message cap present in ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus. Unlimited messaging for uninterrupted conversations.
Toggle between GPT and DALLE versions within the same conversation. Moreover, you have the ability to customize the context and output size, enabling further cost optimization tailored to your specific needs.
SUPerior Capabilities
Maximize the potential of GPT 3.5 with SUPgpt Pro and its enhanced system capabilities. It's a cost-effective and powerful assistant for daily tasks. Should the need arise, seamlessly switch to GPT 4 Turbo for more demanding tasks.
Pay Only for What You Use
The OpenAI API operates on a pay-as-you-go principle. SUPgpt utilises your API key for direct billing through the OpenAI platform for only what you have used, ensuring cost transparency.


Quick Chat

Start a transient chat sessions from anywhere by pressing Shift ⇧ + Cmd ⌘ + D. All the functionalities of regular chat sessions are available for quick chat as well.

Mix Models

To further optimize cost and speed, seamlessly switch between GPT and DALL-E models directly within the chat session.

Context Window Marker

Easily understand what's inside the current context with just a quick glance. Use it to check if specific information is still within the GPT model's knowledge base.


When asking questions about images, GPT-4 with Vision is automatically activated for that message. You can inquire about images even if your current chat model is GPT 3.5.


Context Window Size and Output Limit

Start a transient chat sessions from anywhere by pressing Adjust the token limit for both the context window and the output to optimize costs. Make these changes easily for each message.

Context Memory

Ask the model to "remember" information and instructions that remain consistently accessible, independent of the current context.

Web Search and Content Extraction

Enables the model to perform web searches and extract text content from web pages when needed

Shell Commands

Execute shell commands and programs available in your system. SUPgpt can perform any action you'd typically execute in your Terminal.

API Endpoint Testing

Quickly perform a test request on an API endpoint by simply pasting a sample request and instructing SUPgpt what to change.

Running Python and Others

Execute Python code or use other interpreters and compilers available on your system. It's required that they are included in the app's $PATH setting.

Active Directory

Set a directory for all file manipulation operations. Combined with the command line tool, SUPgpt can locate and read files within a specified directory.

Read and Write Files

SUPgpt is capable to read and write text-based files within the active directory, particularly useful for tasks such as editing source code files.

Date and Time Awareness

Equipped with the ability to handle date and time-sensitive tasks, for example - calculating the days until the start of summer.

Simple Pricing, No Subscription

Usage fees for the OpenAI API are not included in the price and will be billed separately by OpenAI.
  • Limited features
  • Can be upgraded to Pro
  • All features
  • Free updates to the next major version
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

SUPgpt vs ChatGPT

SUPgpt SUPgpt Pro ChatGPT ChatGPT Plus
Price Free + OpenAI Cost $39 + OpenAI Cost Free $20 / Month
Unlimited messages per hour
Cost Optimization
GPT Model 3.5 Turbo & 4 Turbo 3.5 Turbo & 4 Turbo 3.5 Turbo 3.5 Turbo & 4 Turbo
GPT Model Configuration
DALL·E Model 2 & 3 2 & 3 3
DALL·E Model Configuration
GPT Vision
Context Size Configuration
Context Memory
Prompts Used For Training
Web Search
Content Extraction
Run Python
Install Python Packages
Compile/Run Other Programming Languages
Run Shell Commands
Read/Write Files


Can I use the app without an OpenAI API Key?

The app's core functionality relies on the OpenAI API, so an API Key is required.

What can I do to ensure that I don't incur very high API costs?

To manage API costs effectively, always adjust your context size according to the task at hand. If a large context window isn't necessary for your application, keep it small. Remember, the entire context is sent with every request, so optimizing its size can significantly reduce data usage and, consequently, costs.

Do you store or have access to my prompts?

No, your prompts are not stored or accessed by us. The app communicates directly with the OpenAI API.

Where are my chats stored?

Your chats are stored locally on your computer. This ensures that your data remains private and is directly accessible only by you.

What macOS version is required for the app?

The app requires macOS version 14.0 or later.

What should I do if I encounter an issue with the app?

If you're experiencing difficulties, please reach out to us at for assistance.

What to do if I want a refund?

You can get a refund for any reason in the first 30 days of your purchase. Just contact us at

Why is the app not available on the App Store?

The app requires unsandboxed access to your files, enabling it to read and write files and access the shell command line. Due to these permissions, it does not conform to the App Store's sandboxing requirements, hence its unavailability there.